SCAR – Second Chance Animal Rescue


About Us

SCAR is a registered non-profit organization that works towards alleviating the suffering of animals. Our mainĀ  focus at the present is the sterilization drive. We have helped to sterilize over 3000 animals in under 3 years. We also rescue and rehome most animals including exotic animals and reptiles. We are currently busy with outreach programs where we help out in rural areas and poorer areas where the community cannot afford veterinary care for their pets. We have rescued anything from domestic house cats up to Artic wolves. We are currently based in Pretoria and Kzn.

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The Quest for New Premises

SCAR currently uses the Directors home and a network of Foster Parents to provide homes for abandoned animals. This is not an ideal situation as we do not have a quarantine facility. We desperately need to acquire dedicated premises.

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Our Sterilisation Program

Our main focus in the past 3 years has been our sterilization program. This service aims to partially fund the sterilisation of animals for persons who cannot afford regular Vet tariffs. This program has been hugely successful and we have helped to sterilize over 3000 animals in under 3 years.

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Our Rescues

Although we do not yet have dedicated premises, we have helped to rescue and rehome animals in need. This is done through our network of dedicated Foster Parents. We have recused and rehomed around 150 dogs and cats, 25 exotic animals and 20 reptiles in the past year. We have also rescued and released many local birds and small animals.

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